Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glass Oak (Quercus silicas)

I don't usually work with these colors, but this morning (can't sleep — huge wind/rainstorm going on) they are appealing. An old, weathered A&P worcestershire bottle created the color palette. ©Carol Leigh


  1. I like it! It looks like it was shot through a glass window in a rainstorm. That and the color should make it feel gloomy and yet it feels very serene and calming to me. Hope you got back to sleep after this post!

  2. Beautiful. I love blues and greens. And since I live in the desert, I long for a good rainstorm like you're having. This image evokes stormy weather perfectly.

  3. Thank you both, Linda and Carol D. for your comments. Regarding the storm? We had gusts of 95mph! Running on 1.5 hours of sleep since 9:30 p.m. yesterday and am about to hit the wall. And Linda? Be careful what you wish for! We've had 2.5 inches of rain in the past 7 days. It gets old after awhile... -- Carol Leigh


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