Friday, April 30, 2010

Geese at dawn

Chris and I went out to breakfast early this morning and stopped at the little marina here in Waldport to check things out first. The light was beautiful, quite bright, and I like how these two Canada geese turned into striking silhouettes. I also like the spareness of this composition, with the two strong vertical elements on the far left and then the pole in the water coming out on the diagonal. And the geese reflections? Wonderful. A good start for the day. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Awesome capture and moment!!! What's more to say... other than... "What's for lunch? And, what will the evening bring?"

    Great way to start off a day indeed. Goes to show that we can definitely learn from nature and the animals... I believe they are setting a great example. Have an awesome day and weekend!

  2. Ah, lunch was a crab salad at a restaurant on the Umpqua River in Reedsport. 'Twas a wonderful day! -- Carol Leigh


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