Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trash on the tides

I follow the high tide line to see what's washed up onshore and it's disgusting. I'm finding all sorts of little plastic bits, like confetti, and plastic bottles, metal spray cans, plastic lids, plastic baggies, bits of styrofoam, flip-flops, laundry baskets, and other trash that's been tossed overboard and has drifted to shore. The plastic confetti-like stuff I'm sure looks appealing to fish and I hate to think how much of this crap is being swallowed out there.

What I saw this morning made me cry. So from now on, when I go to the beach to shoot, I'm taking a big bag with me and am going to begin removing this garbage as I go. I won't be making a huge impact, but every little bit helps. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Totally hear your frustration, Carol.
    Will bring garbage bags in Sept. I am sure all you students, like Cabby, care.

  2. Hi Carol...I use to tell my students, "The world is not your garbage can." I'd like to think that all, if not all, at least many of them took it to heart. Good on yah. I'm doing the same on Monterey Bay.

  3. Surfrider folks might be interested in your photos ...

    They recently had a very horrifying article about plastics found out in the middle of the ocean where currents converge.


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