Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The Hotel Casa Playa in Ft. Myers Beach is amazingly painted with lush plants and cool pots. It caught our eye as we came over the bridge and we made a beeline for it. The owners were kind of perplexed at seeing four of us shooting like crazy (only a fellow photographer could possibly understand), but were quite agreeable with us taking photos. Perspective control was tough because we could get only so far away from the building, but the artwork, the repeating patterns of the balconies, and the bright colors make up for the wonkiness. What a terrific introduction to Florida. We must consider staying there next visit. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Very strong photos. At first glance, the second one down reminded me of a Mexican scene, I thought of serapes hanging in a row. Glad you are posting again, does this mean that the computer is "fixed" ?

  2. Judy, the computer is fixed. Nothing lost. Dodged a bullet. Be prepared -- I'm going to have a lot of Mac questions when next I see you! --Carol Leigh


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