Friday, March 18, 2011

"Cleaning" the studio

I collect leaves. And as I was straightening things up, putting various leaves into a cigar box, I began looking at them and then, of course, wanted to photograph them. I moved in close with a macro lens to create these shots.

The final photo shows you the cigar box. Also in the picture is the cover of what looks like a fourth-grader's report on leaves, created by a boy named Peter Barton. Inside the booklet are pages with dried leaves on them, as well as information about what kind of leaf each page features and where the boy found each leaf (Alamo, California).

I purchased the report in an antique store on the Oregon coast for a few dollars simply because I found it charming and thought I'd photograph it some day. Well, I looked up Peter Barton on Google and discovered that he now lives in Ione, California. I was hoping to find an e-mail address for him, thinking he'd be interested in where his childhood project ended up, but haven't been able to do so.

And I wonder where my time goes ... ©Carol Leigh

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