Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crow No. 84

A lot of little things went into this piece. Bits of boat reflections, a couple of pages from an antique Japanese book, a painterly background that I created, a bank note, and more. I like that the crow is here/not here and the little pockets of warmth embedded in a fairly monochromatic field of white, grey, and black. ©Carol Leigh


  1. I, too, like the "little pockets of warmth" as well as the background. I like all the different little black shapes (is that bad English?. One little thing that gets my attention is that I want the bird to jump up on the "ledge".

  2. What an interesting comment ... I hadn't seen that bit on the right as a "ledge." But now I do and I can't un-see it! You've given me an idea, however ... maybe I'll put a smaller crow on the ledge. And I'll name him Davis! --Carol Leigh


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