Friday, April 29, 2011


It's amazing what you can photograph from the passenger seat as your car whizzes past. You usually have only a fraction of a second to recognize a possible subject, raise your camera, compose, focus, and click. Most of the images are awful, but every once in awhile you're rewarded with color, strong shapes, and interesting forms. I love the look of what appear to be red flowers on the ground amid a grove of trees. Yes! ©Carol Leigh


Diane Miller said...

When I try to shoot out of a moving car (even if I'm not driving) I get nothing but crap. This is drop-dead gorgeous! You are a witch!

Linda Heinsohn said...

REALLY like this one! For some odd reason it reminds me of flamingos. LOL.

Carol Leigh said...

Diane, I get a lot of crap, too, but I still keep trying! Kind of a monkeys/typewriter/Shakespeare thing. And Linda, YES! I see the flamingo concept there -- NEVER would have noticed that on my own. Thanks for the surprise and the laugh. --Carol Leigh