Monday, May 30, 2011

Light and Shadow

It's been said so many times, and said so much better than I can say, but the quality of the light is what delights in Santa Fe. On an overcast day, colors glow, but on a bright sunny day, the shadows become the strong components in compositions.

In the first photo, a vertical striping appears, with bold shadows alternating with warm-colored adobe walls. In the shade of that same building, a silvery-metallic tree trunk contrasts beautifully with the golden wall behind it.

During a walk around town at sunset, strong shadows create a lovely glow.

Early morning light offers our photo group a brilliant blue sky that echoes the colors of the window and the post. The post stands out most bluefully against the dark shadow.

And finally, a weathered door gleams on the shady side of a little street.

We learned to pay more attention to the light. If the sun's too bright on something, look for other things in the shadows. If the shadows are big and bold, incorporate them in your image, making them an intrinsic part of the compositional design. Over and over and over again . . . ©Carol Leigh


  1. Speaking of light....... since you went to Sante Fe at a different time of year than before, did you notice a change in your shadows when you compare with previous photos? Great shots - brings back great memories.

  2. Yes, there was a DEFINITE change in the shadows. I didn't even THINK about the sun being in a different place (duh!). I had my people in a certain place at a certain time for an event that NEVER happened! Ha! But we did well anyway. And the shadows we saw in May we wouldn't have seen in October, so it all works out in the end. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. CL


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