Wednesday, October 5, 2011

High key effect

I've been playing around with purposely overexposing my photos, from one to two stops, just to see what happens. I've had this rattlesnake grass for years in a jar in the studio and thought it might look good against a white background. Next to the jar o' rattlesnake grass is a jar containing some of this year's poppy pod harvest. I selected two that had really wonky stems, put them against a white background, and overexposed by two stops. This way the curving forms are really exaggerated.

The overall look is clean and spare and, to me, quite appealing.


  1. Very nice! I also love high key and do it often with Saguaros on bright cloudy days. It goes against the common sense rules, though, so it's not something photographers think about until you see something done as nicely as yours!

  2. Love the simplicity of these pictures. Good idea!

  3. Thanks, Marianne, for your comments. High-key saguaros sounds like a good idea -- will tuck that tip away to use in the future. And Russ and Elena -- yup, "simple," that's me! --Carol Leigh


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