Friday, December 16, 2011

"P" is for "PLAY"

A "P" found on a railroad car combines with a picture of a boat reflection, resulting in an extreeeeeeeeemly colorful photomontage. (Thinking of you, Janet G.)

This is an example of the alphabetical pictures I'll be continuing to create next year during my "26 in 26" alphabet class that begins January 1.

©Carol Leigh, who believes "P" is for "PLAY," which will be my word for 2012


  1. P is definitely for play, and C is for creative which this is. Fabulous!

  2. Colorful it is! I love it, and the palette. And SO three dimensional!

  3. Stripes, great color and little bubbles. A wonderful P! I may have to take your alphabet class again. It was such fun and gave me a fun reason to play with my camera.


  4. Thanks, Tina. You were a delight to have in the class the first time around. And Diane, yeah, there's a wonderful sense of three-dimensionality, isn't there? And Jo, I've been watching your work ever since I found you in the "ALAW" group. No wonder you're attuned to letters! --Carol Leigh


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