Monday, February 20, 2012

Positive signs

I picked these three photos because, well, their combination just made me feel good. The first, the greeting, I photographed on the side of a little tractor. And then the "enter" sign, in the shape of the state of Oregon, was all that was left of a big antique barn. And the "please return" sign I found on a door at an architectural salvage place in Aurora, Oregon.

Three friendly little elements to begin the week. No rants, no woes, no crankiness. Just three positive signs of good things to come...

©Carol Leigh, who, speaking of good things, has a Mini Macro online class beginning March 1. Four lessons, 6 weeks, $85. You in?


Stephan said...

What would we do without all of the signs in life? From these friendly and supportive reminders to keep local business and customers... to traffic and directional signs.... to Post-Its... to the saying "Here's your sign!" ... to the changing seasons... the changing economy...

A sign that we should pay attention, smell the roses and to realize all that is before us... the good, the bad, the big picture and the smaller pictures... Then, to appreciate, apply and respond accordingly.

Thank you Carol for showing us to "pay more attention" to all the signs before us... however they may be... obvious... and not so obvious.

Here's to being able to "see" that much and more clearly as well.

Have an awesome day!

P.S. All the best with your computer, files and such as well!

CJ said...

I love these! When we photograph together sometimes I wonder what the heck you're taking a picture of - and why...but then you post little sets like this and I get it. What a fun little "glimpse-of-life" group of images. Very cool.