Monday, March 12, 2012

Salvage Art

I just posted about 10 "salvage art" photos to my Flickr site, with this descriptive paragraph:

I'm the only one I know who, when traveling, marks on maps where there are salvage yards so that, if there's no time to stop today, I know where I can go back someday. Just the thought of visiting and photographing at a salvage yard makes my adrenaline rush and my heart race.

Hello. My name is Carol and I'm really weird.

©Carol Leigh


  1. These are GREAT photos. Just checked out Flickr and I'm soooo impressed.

  2. Thanks, Jo, which is why I enjoyed seeing all the rust pictures and links on YOUR blog.

  3. Carol, I can spend a day in a junk yard if I can get in--your photos are superb and maybe someday I can get a peek at your junk yard map or is CIA protected -Dave O


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