Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Signs of the times

It's good to know that, in Mendocino, this artist is in. Clever sign. Wish I had one. If I were an artist, I could make one...

Along the Oregon coast, a seagull warns that "valuables are not secure in vehicles." The way the gull appears to be reading the sign strikes me as humorous for some reason...

In San Diego, we're warned not to give money to people, just to machines.

And again on the Oregon coast, a sign in the window of a fishing boat lets us know how salmon-snatching sea lions are impacting the industry. What I especially like is the shrimp pattern on the curtains!

©Carol Leigh, whose only sign here in the office is "the crab is in."


  1. Signs of the times... Great series Carol!

    It was not too long ago when there seemed to be not as many signs... Now, there's a sign for just about everything...

    Seems that the next sign will be to remind us to "Please read and obey all of the signs."

    Here's to the signs that are not seen but known.

  2. I really like what you said, "Here's to the signs that are not seen but known." More than you can know. Thanks, Stephan.

  3. Funny, I was in Mendocino this last weekend and I took a picture of the siding texture right below that "Artist is in" sign.

  4. That one in your office.... That would be Abby's??

  5. Laura, thanks for the comment. And, by the way, your "Lone Crow" will be winging its way to you in tomorrow's mail. A nasty little printing problem has prevented me from doing my best with the guy, but all's well now, the printer's fixed, and he's on the wing . . . Thank you for all that you do. You're a hero to me.


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