Thursday, September 26, 2013

Paint Chip Inspiration: "Tomato Bisque"

Hmmm... two similar paint chips in two days, both food related... (Yesterday's paint chip was "Raspberry Couli.") I pull the chips blindly out of a bag, so it's not like I'm selecting these things... Chris says my doodle of a tomato looks like a little cherry tomato. I'm thinking more like a red blueberry...

And my writing about this paint chip:

I remember Mom making me tomato soup when I was young and how she would crumble a few Saltine crackers on top. Stir them into the soup and I had a satisfyingly thick, goopy mess to eat. Loved it!

So what about today? If it was so good then, why aren't I crushing Saltines into my soup now?

My palate has changed. Saltines? They're an affront to the fresh basil that now goes on top. My memories of Mom's comforting tomato soup remain, however, called to mind seeing this "Tomato Bisque" paint chip.

©Carol Leigh

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