Friday, April 3, 2015

Makes me feel good . . .

Someone in Greece purchased this picture ("Inherent") a week or so ago via Fine Art America. I never really know anything about the purchaser or the sale other than where it went, how it was framed (canvas wrap, matted, on metal, just a print, etc.), and how big it was.

There is, however, a section on FAA's website where they post buyer reviews and feedback as they come in, both good and bad. I always check that section to see (a) how FAA is doing with the quality of their work (are the colors true, did the picture arrive in good condition, are people complaining) and (b) how the buyer(s) liked the image.

This morning I saw this image show up and the buyer wrote: "It's in my living room now in a beautiful frame. Me and my wife love it. Thanks. --G.K."

It's always pleasing (and reassuring) to know that the buyer truly likes what he/she purchased (these things ain't cheap) and also to know that the buyer took the time to write back, to offer feedback.

Personally, I love this image. I like the rich colors and I like the uniqueness of my technique (blending and merging bits and pieces of various photos together). But no matter how confident and pleased I am about something I've created, for some reason it just isn't complete until it comes full circle. That art needs to be seen. It's a bonus if it's received well, but I think it truly does need to be seen for the circle to be complete.

Would I make these things if no one saw them? Probably. Would it be as rewarding? Probably not. And not nearly as much fun!

So thank you to G.K. who bought this picture. A picture that's now hanging somewhere in Greece. Opa!

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  1. What nice feedback from buyer. And then your thoughtful reply.


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