Friday, June 12, 2015

Latest work: "Warrenton Woodwork"

These are two images I recently made available on Fine Art America. I offered two versions, one square, and one a horizontal "full frame" image. As always, I ask myself which one I prefer.

I do like the square format and I think that it helps emphasize the abstract calligraphy/circles in the picture.

But I think the bottom one, the horizontal one, has more of a feeling of movement; it's not as static as the square image. My eye tends to slide right and left along the horizontal lines of the background, and I find that more compelling than the square format where my eye goes blam! right to the center and then tends to just stay there.

I created this photomontage using photos I'd taken of fishing boats in Warrenton, Oregon, up by Astoria, photos of hand-created and painted circles, and calligraphy from various antique Japanese books.

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