Sunday, June 28, 2015


Indigo is a tough color to find because there are so many varying tones, ranging from blackish-blue to greenish-blue. But here are three that I think conform to the indigo concept.

The top photo is a combination of photos I took of very old papers given to me by Kathleen Amt and, of the three photos here, it's my favorite. It's probably not YOUR favorite, but that's okay. Something inside me changes when I see it, and that's pretty much my criteria.

And then there's a photo I took of a rubber stamp impression, a rubber stamp I bought in England specifically for this purpose. To it I added some texture, some colors, and three postage stamps.

Finally, I included a photograph of a freighter sailing up the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon. I toned it a blackish-blue to make the image more monochromatic.

We have been in the Whidbey Island house for a week now. Are we unpacked and everything in its place? Hell no! Were we ready for a heat spell the past few days? No. Were we prepared to have to get rid of a hornet's nest over the door to the deck? For deer that eat hydrangea flowers? For robin-eating owls? For a mowing-induced gnat blizzard? And for what I heard around 4:30 this morning? That would be no, no, no, no, and no. None of that was mentioned in the real estate listing before we bought this house.

So what happened at 4:30 this morning? I'll try to write about it tomorrow . . .

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  1. Oh boy! Perhaps the worst is over for the next few years. You wanted an adventure, right?
    Enjoy yourselves, and try just one drama at a time if you can. No raccoons invading sheds yet though. My sympathy ! Big Hug!

  2. Can't wait to hear what invaded the landscape. How is Abby taking all this?


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