Saturday, October 31, 2015

Latest work: "Scrapbook Cover"

I woke up a couple of hours ago with an idea for a photomontage, wondering what it would look like if I combined a bunch of Japanese book covers together. I particularly like the look of the old Japanese postage stamp tucked into a fold of the paper.

It's raining today. Think I'll play with ink on paper. Which makes me think of when I was five. My parents (foolishly) gave me some markers (?) which consisted of plastic tubes that you filled with water, dropped in a color "pill," shook them up and were good to go.

"Don't play with them now. Wait until tomorrow when we can help you."

Tomorrow morning came and I was up and ready to go, but mom and dad were still asleep. "How hard could this be?" I assembled one of the tubes, added the color tablet (red), shook it up, and promptly spilled it onto their brand-new couch.

That was the day mom locked me out of the house. During a hurricane. Because she was afraid of what she would do to me.

I went across the street to the MacNeils, where they graciously let me weather the storm(s) -- the hurricane and my mom.

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