Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A good day on the Washington coast

We did a bit of off-island exploring yesterday, heading up and along the Washington coast, staying as close to the water as possible. We passed lots of farming communities, white swans foraging in shallow, temporary ponds and lakes, hawks on posts, a huge eagle nest with two eagles keeping watch, barns, and much more.

I find it so exhilarating to be on a road I've never been on before. Giddy, even.

We took Chuckanut Drive up to Fairhaven (Bellingham), checked out the ferry terminals, found some piles of fishing nets (on private property, but not TOO private, anticipating being shooed away and having my apologies at the ready, but no problem, no one cared).

Wandered around the historic district in Bellingham, had a fantastic lunch at Skylark's Hidden Cafe, with a most friendly server. (I heartily recommend the Grilled Coppa Caprese sandwich.) And then we headed north again, traveling around Bellingham Bay.

And that's where I found them. Fishing boats. A huge harbor of them. And fishing nets. Much better and more accessible than the ones I trespassed to reach.

The day was just perfect -- cool, no wind, big white clouds, blue skies, a little bit of rain that was minimal and lasted no more than a minute, if that.

So here you see some of what I saw ... A fishnet float, a ventilation vent on the side of a galvanized metal building, a solitary sailboat moored offshore, a nautical guard dog, making sure we didn't come aboard without the captain's permission, and some cool weathered numbers indicating depth on the side of an old fishing boat.

All in all, the trip took around seven hours, allowing us lots of time to travel slowly, stop often, have a leisurely lunch, wander around a bookstore, walk the docks, etc.

A very good day on the Washington coast.

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  1. Carol,

    Please know that I have been following what you are doing for many years now. I have watched the flowering of an artist! I always get a pick me up from stopping by your blog. I'm Linda in Lone Pine with Parkinson's but just recently I'm back to photographing because of Deep Brain Stimulation.

    Because I'm such a fan, I decided I had to buy one of your prints. Just imagine selecting just one! I love everything you do, but I have a soft spot for ravens and trees. So I chose the silhouetted California oak on the teal and purple background. No ravens, but I take images of my own ravens.

    I am happy you are enjoying your new location. Best wishes for the future and please keep creating!

    Linda in Lone Pine

  2. Aha! Mystery solved. When I look at the cities that visitors to my blog come from, whenever I see "Lone Pine" I think of you. Why? Because I seem to recall having spoken with you, either in person on the phone or via e-mail, and since you are the only person I "know" in Lone Pine, I imagined it was you.

    And then I see this order come in. An order from someone in Lone Pine. And I wonder, could it be you? And I also seem to recall your last name rhymes with Jeffers, but I could easily be wrong.

    What I'm trying to say is that I was moved by what you wrote just now. That you were so generous in your comment and I was so astonished reading it. And if indeed you are the same Linda I recall talking to so very, very long ago, then I am doubly jazzed. We are connected in a small yet large way.

    So happy to hear that you are back in photography, and god knows you're in a perfect place for it.

    I'm honored you purchased that print, and I hope it looks as good as we both think it will. I remember making it, using a photo of the old oak and a photo of a glass bottle.

    Wishing you continued success with your health and your photography. What a gift you've given me. Thank you. (Gentle bow in your direction.)


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