Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It's June. Already. And so I offer you a trio of sixes to mark the arrival of the sixth month.

I've always loved photographing numbers, and now that I'm proficient in making photomontages, the joy increases exponentially. (Not that I know what "exponentially" means.)

Our friends have departed, alas, so today it's back to work. There are rhodies to be deadheaded, lawns to be mowed, laundry to be done. But bright yellow irises have shown up out front, so I anticipate a bit of photography will sneak its way in there sometime as well.

More guests arrive in a couple weeks, and how wonderful it is that we can greet and feed these people in such a lush and luscious environment.

Oh, and if it's not too late to remind you . . . On this, the first day of the month, it brings good luck to say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit." It must be the first thing you say today, and you must say it aloud. So if you've not spoken to anyone yet, yell out "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" and see if your luck changes this month.

How could it hurt?


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