Monday, July 11, 2016


What? You mean the bell will just ring? Without a bell to warn me that the bell's gonna ring? Do people in downtown Portland, Oregon really need a sign like this?

There must be a company out there making a bloody fortune creating signs that warn us something is going to happen without warning. Such as . . .

"CAUTION: Refrigerator light will come on without warning."

"WATCH THIS SPACE: Stupid signs will appear with no advance notice."

And if the sign painter is getting paid by the letter . . .

"ATTENTION: Stupid blog posts will suddenly show up for no apparent rhyme nor reason today or any day for that matter. Without warning."

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  1. Love your work! Always try to drop in for a bit of eye candy and philosophy...

    As to signs... "Caution light will go out when refridgrator door closes."


  2. Good one, Shawn, about the fridge light going out . . . someone should make refrigerator magnets with that warning.

    Or this:
    Caution: Refrigerator magnet will stick to metal.


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