Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ta da!

It all began with a big bare wall. This (including Abby the cat) is what you see when you walk in our front door. The wall is really huge -- two stories high, stairs going down.

What to put on it?

So I made 150 large "shipping tags," creating a painting or a collage on both sides of each tag -- 300 images in all.

I wanted the tags to zoom across the wall as well as cascade down. But what order do I put them in? Which side is "up?" It's a good thing we have a king-sized bed, which is where we figured out how we wanted them all to appear on the wall.

We then strung together the tags and bundled each string so we'd know which order they should go on the bamboo pole.

Chris is much better at spatial concepts than I, so he is the one who figured out how to string the tags together and then how to suspend them from the pole. As you can see (in the fourth photo), Abby was a big help offering advice.

The last two photos show you the final result. The hanging is six feet wide by 9 feet high. I think it looks terrific. It's big, it's bold, it has a presence when you walk in the door, it's colorful, and it moves in the slightest breeze, so sometimes I see the fronts, sometimes the backs of the tags.

And it's unique. I've not seen anything like it. I love it. And to love your art? Isn't that just the best?

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  1. This is fantastic. Something for my bucket list. Love the whole wide, am envious of your energy and feeling of success with this wonderful, colorful, beautiful project.

  2. It's been a journey and one that I personal heard talk about then some frustration and then a move and studio space and look what has been revealed.
    An Accomplishment like no other...truly amazing and so that there's movement too. (maybe a video of it in action?)

  3. I know I said this already, but this is freakin' wonderful. It's so much more than I imagined as you described it to me during its construction. Love the size, the colors, the fact that the tags will rustle in the breeze, and the way it fills the space with its uniqueness!! Such a terrific statement piece as you enter the house. What a huge amount of work! You should be so pleased with this!

  4. WOW, that’s terrific ! What a wonderful creation.
    The idea of a piece of art with 300 shipping tags all with collages printed on them and assembled.
    There is something wonderfully strange that goes on in that brain and it shows.
    What a great feeling of accomplishment you must have.
    That is so COOL.

  5. And it all began with the prototype that I gave to you, CJ! And then I made a slightly larger one for me, and then went REALLY big! I'm going to go back to the smaller ones now, using different media, different techniques, and we'll see what happens. In the meantime, some assemblage art is calling me -- finally the time to use all the clock parts, wooden printer fonts, metal locker tags, plumb bobs, beads, cogs, wheels, metal bits and pieces, old nails, etc. that have been filling jars, shelves, boxes, and drawers for lo these many years!

    Thank you for all your encouragement, enthusiasm, (and enabling) over the years. Very much appreciated. xoxo

  6. Jan, you may be envious of my energy, but today I have NONE! We're going to go out meandering for awhile, then I need to finish cleaning up the studio, putting away all the papers and stuff I've been using, to make space for a bit of assemblage art. Thanks for your message. You always see the best in things.

  7. Laura, a video is a good idea, but I don't know how to incorporate it into Blogger. We also have limited bandwidth here, so I have to think twice about how to spend it. But your idea is good -- will have to research how to do it. Thanks!

  8. Craig, yup, it be very cool! Let me make clear, however, that it's just 150 tags, two-sided = 300 paintings/collages. And I say "just 150" like it's nothing! Ha! It's been a LOT of work but I love the result. Just wait 'til you see it in person. And I'll take your "wonderfully strange" comment as a compliment!

  9. Carol, this is terrific! I LOVE IT! I especially like the movement concept. It fills the space beautifully with 150 creative bits of you to share their energy on a breeze. What a wonderful touchstone for the creativity that made this and for the new ideas it may lead to in the future. It makes me smile. Congrats to you for your vision, execution and completion!

  10. Carol F., that reddish glow you may see emanating from the west is me, blushing. What a kind and generous message. The tag thingy made you smile? Your comments made ME smile. Thank you.


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