Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Beginning of fall . . .

Back in a previous life, I led photo workshops in the eastern Sierra. I conducted them on weekends so that people who worked full-time might have a better chance to attend.

It got too crowded on weekends, so I switched to mid-week.

But then it got too crowded on weekdays, so I stopped altogether.

There were easily 20+ workshops every week being held in and around Bishop, California. I saw one with maybe 30 participants at the beaver ponds.

Can you imagine?

Leaders with walkie-talkies hanging off vehicles as they zoomed up and down narrow, narrow dirt roads.

And if there was a full moon at Mono Lake at the same time? Fuhgeddaboudit.

But this same time each year I find I miss it. A lot.

Not only the color spectacle, but the camaraderie, the joy of bumping into someone on the trail I knew, or who knew me, or who used my little guides to find some good spots. And who thanked me for showing them something that maybe they wouldn't have seen otherwise.

I'm a gregarious recluse. I need my alone-time, but I also love being out there among 'em.

So this morning I took a look at a few photos I shot one fall on the other side of the hill from Lake Tahoe.

And I fondly recall the cool crisp air of the eastern Sierra, the glorious aspens, the boulders that look blue if you photograph them in the shade, and the complementary yellow/orange leaves and buckwheat that offer a lovely warmth.

And I remember one of my workshop attendees, when I said, "Give me a few minutes to get my act together." And he said, "Uh, Carol, you're gonna need more time..."

Or another one who said, "Carol, why can't you offer these fall foliage workshops in the summer, when it's warmer?"

See? That's the kind of thing I miss!

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  1. Indeed! I'm heading that way *after* Columbus Day and heading for some favorite less-crowded spots. Wondering if I should strap on the protective battle gear and risk the tripod wars at Mono Lake.

  2. Well, this is weird. I replied to your comment (with something clever, pithy, I'm sure) and it's not shown up. I replied via e-mail rather than here on the blog, so maybe that's where it's currently residing. I shall check . . .

    Well, it was in the trash, deservedly so because it wasn't so clever, pithy after all:

    Well, if you DONT go to Mono Lake you will come home with NO photos of it. If you DO go (and yes, helmet is advisable), you simply have to change your mindset. Ommmmmmmmm ...


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