Monday, February 13, 2017

Walking to Port Townsend

It was a fine, fine day on Sunday, so we got in the car, drove a few minutes over to the ferry landing, parked, then walked aboard the Kennewick to Port Townsend, a cute town where there’s always something to see, to photograph, to admire.

There’s a very large, very old building on the waterfront that’s being completely redone and outside they’re selling old, grungy bottles they’ve found while excavating. Two bucks and one’s yours. Very cool to see, but as much as I like old, grungy bottles, not this time . . .

Farther down at the marina, a little sailboat caught my eye, looking clean and crisp with the Olympic Range way in the distance.

And then over to a small boatyard where, of course, I photographed all sorts of textures and patterns and then, feeling I was being watched, I turned to see this little cutie on the side of a boat.

Yet another example of “faces in unlikely places,” an assignment I give my students. And for the rest of their lives they’re going to notice little things like this. Heh, heh . . .

While in the boatyard, I talked with a guy who was refurbishing a 1936 Berthon Gauntlet 41 named Syrinx. It’s been sitting in the boatyard for years, uncovered.

He’s got a lot of work ahead of him, especially since the masts have been ruined by woodpeckers. Told him next time I’m over I’ll check out his progress. He hopes to have it in the water by August.

Back aboard the ferry for the trip home, the tall ships Pacific Grace and Pacific Swift were not about to give way to the ferry, no matter how often and long the captain blew the warning horn. This is the Pacific Grace; the Pacific Swift (slower, despite the name) was still blocking the captain’s departure.

The tall ships are from Canada. Sigh. You just don’t expect those friendly Canadians to be so rude and pushy . . .

Great day spent with a great guy. I’m so lucky.

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