Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daily bit of creativity, #009: Mobile sticks

Painting sticks to make a colorful mobile to hang from a tree in the yard. A silly little project, but fun. (Laura: Nothing like your huge TEEPEE that YOU'RE painting!)

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  1. Love the painted sticks though...did you paint them? and what kind of sticks are they? You got my interest.

  2. Yes, I painted them. Added a coat of varnish yesterday. May get some time to assemble and hang the mobile today. We shall see. And the sticks? I giggle when I tell you that they're chopsticks! We bought a package of 100 sets for about $4.00. Because some of them broke crookedly when I snapped them apart, I have maybe 70 sets left! Painting the sticks was tedious. Figuring out what to do next will be (I hope) much more fun...

    A running joke I have with a friend of mine is that if a piece of art I make doesn't really work, I hang it from a tree outside. I figured I'd get ahead of myself with this little project and create it SPECIFICALLY to hang from a tree!


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