Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Latest black and white images

I'm experimenting with black and white photography these days, which, because I usually gravitate toward brilliant color, is kind of weird, but I'm enjoying the process. And sometimes I'll add a bit of color here and there, very subtly, as you can see in the second and third pictures.

A hood ornament on a 1933 Oldsmobile stands out nicely against the soft background. Even nicer when it's all black and white, no green and red cars back there to distract our attention from the lovely lines of the hood ornament.

The second picture was taken on the Oregon coast. The original, color version contained way too much bright (fluorescent) algae growing on the big door to the right as well as here and there throughout. Way too distracting, and takes your eye away from the weathered and old feeling that I wanted to emphasize.

And then a black and white (plus a bit of color) shot of an old Volkswagen photographed in Port Townsend, Washington. I like how the touch of color adds some warmth to the otherwise cold black and white version.

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