Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Morning coffee

Coffee and a little Moleskine book where, as I'm assembling a large, handmade book, I glue in bits and pieces of what I'm including in the larger book, as well as experiments I've done using inks, stains, water, glue, rubber stamps, etc.

By the end of the big book, this little Moleskine book will be bursting with interesting, unrelated papers and colors. And with my luck, it'll probably end up much better than the real book I'm making!

Smoke from Canadian fires is wafting its way south to us here in the Puget Sound. Kind of a nasty overall haze going on. Air quality alerts have been issued.

We've also not gotten much rain at all, and there are burn bans island-wide. No campfires, no nothing. The lawn is like straw, and crackles when you walk on it. The birds are loving the birdbath, and the robins come in and just seem to marinate in the water. A smaller bird flies in, sees the robin, thinks, "Oh, man, is he still there?" and immediately flies off.

Two large dragonflies have died -- one in the garage, and one on the sidewalk out front -- and are now safely ensconced here in the office waiting for me to photograph and/or scan them. The second one I thought maybe was still alive, moving across the cement. Had to play tug-of-war with an ant who was dragging him away. The ant put up a heck of a fight. And it was interesting to see him circle around, frantically looking for his disappeared food supply. "It was just here! What the . . . I swear, I just saw it and it disappeared into thin air! What am I going to tell the kids? Sorry, but no dinner for awhile?"

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