Friday, November 10, 2017

Latest work: "Mists Begin to Lift"

My method for breaking through a momentary artist's block is to just keep working. Keep looking, keep trying different things, and to riffle through my pictures, deleting the "what the heck was I thinking?" images along the way.

Thus I free up space in the computer AND look at a variety of images with fresh eyes. Between the riffling and the purging, things are bound to happen, as was the case here.

The town of Bluffton, South Carolina is a pretty and funky town. There are lots of interesting shops, humorous signs, and colorful things to photograph, but at the end of a street, just beyond the church, you can look out over the water, through trees dripping moss, and simply enjoy the quiet. When I shot this, a drizzle had just ended, the sun was coming out, and a mist was rising up from the ground, from the water, and made the trees sort of glow. That's what I emphasize in this moody, soft picture.

©Carol Leigh
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