Monday, February 12, 2018

A gift from a friend

A surprise arrived this weekend. Linda Heinsohn has been a student of mine for a long time. And Chris and I have had the pleasure of meeting her (and her spouse, Hugh) in person (live and analog, versus online and digital).

So on Saturday, this package arrives. She's made a book of her photographs and sent me a copy, plus a very pretty heart-shaped note.

The book is beautifully done, on thick paper, the photos handsomely presented, with a translucent piece of vellum/plastic to protect the front and the back of the book.

A lot of the photographs are familiar to me as I've seen her posts on Facebook and Instagram, but there were a few surprises in there. All of them depict parts of her life in and around Portland, in her neighborhood, and include a few bittersweet photos of beloved pets.

Such a kind and thoughtful thing for her to do, but that's who she is.

Thank you, Linda, for sending me your book of photographs. I'm honored.

You can follow Linda on Instagram at and on Facebook at

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