Thursday, February 1, 2018

A month of hearts: February 1

Over on Facebook I have a private group called "Photomotivation." Every month I give them an assignment, and this month it's "Heart Art." Every day this month I'm going to post a heart picture for them, designed to either inspire and/or teach. Everybody else, too, will be posting THEIR heart pictures -- some good, some bad, all interesting. (They're limited to posting just three photos, but nobody seems to pay attention to that...)

I figured why not fill up my blog this month with a daily heart picture as well?

Here's what I wrote over in the Photomotivation group to accompany this shot:

My 92-year-old neighbor Frank in Oregon made this little letter box and nailed it to the right of their front door. It was cute, friendly, handmade, and I regret never ever leaving something inside. 

What I like about the photograph is its simplicity, its story, and how the horizontal lines of the siding are interrupted by the verticality of the box. And, of course, the heart.

If you're interested in being a part of my Photomotivation group, just say the word and we'll get you in there. It's fun, interesting, informative, and the camaraderie just keeps on building.

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