Monday, January 26, 2009

French Blue Two

Sometimes these things just come together so easily. I was thinking about an old algebra book and how I'd scanned some of its pages. Aha! Combine it with some cool texturey stuff! But I couldn't find my algebra photos -- they must be in the other computer and I didn't want to start mucking around with all that. I then found a page of French handwriting from 1892. I combined that with some rust and a number "2" I photographed yesterday on a telephone pole. And voila! I love this photomontage. And I believe I have three more versions of it waiting in the wings for me to finalize. How long did this one take to create? Just a few hours (most of which consisted of sitting and staring and thinking). Once I begin selling prints again, this one definitely will be in the mix. Just a quick thought . . . How often do YOU get really excited about what you've created? Doesn't matter if it's a photograph, a cake, a child, or a painting. Creation and the wonderful SURPRISE of creation -- what a fantastic high. Have a great day. ©Carol Leigh


  1. I've lurked in the shadows since you started down this public road and found myself liking the design aspects of your work but I didn't feel drawn to it enough to want to buy one. Lately though (especially the square format stuff) I'm thinking that you've changed directions to a degree and I'm much more drawn into the work. As I look at this I go into and out of the work over and over. Arrrgh. Words fail me.

    Regardless, I like this one very much. Woof!

  2. Hi, Jim . . . Thanks for lurking in the shadows and for emerging long enough to say you like this one. I like it, too, because I think the "2" is sort of subliminal. Again, thanks for your comments. You can go back to lurk mode now! -- Carol Leigh


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