Monday, September 14, 2009

Turning over an old leaf

Coming in from my morning walk I saw a weathered old rhododendron leaf in the grass that had some nice curls in it. I brought it in, photographed it, and then combined it with a background I had painted. Sometimes when I create these things they just take my breath away due to sheer surprise. I'm teaching my photomontage method next year -- a class in March and another in June. The March class is sold out, but I'm taking reservations for the June class, where there are just five spaces left. E-mail me if you wish to reserve a spot. The classes run for 8 weeks and cost $180. My address is carol at photoexplorations dot com. ©Carol Leigh

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Red Pear at Night . . .

Sailor's delight! Is it any wonder I think Chris is amazing? He just came back from the grocery store with not one but two beautiful red pears. "I figured you'd like to shoot these, and then afterward I can eat them!" And now he's up there making margaritas. And look what I did with one of the pears — which I think is quite lovely. It's sitting on an old algebra book. The most practical use of an algebra book I've ever found. -- ©Carol Leigh

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I haven't been uploading my latest photomontages because I'm creating a bunch of new ones for a special project as well as for my upcoming how-to online classes. But this morning, when this one came together, I was so jazzed that I had to post it. I love this one! ©Carol Leigh