Friday, July 19, 2019

Recent work: "Blue Enso on Plaster"

This is one I finished the beginning of May and uploaded to Fine Art America.

A light blue Enso circle seemingly floats above a horizon line of warm red, yellow, and orange colors. I like the comforting colors, the complementary blue/orange combination, and the overall texture.

Copyright ©2019 Carol Leigh

Monday, July 15, 2019

Around the yard: a white deer!

The big deal around here a couple days ago was the appearance of a white deer (and his buddy).

This isn't the same white deer we saw right after it was born May 6. Nope, I've been told this guy is a yearling, born in the spring of 2018.

Amazing to think that in the space of just a couple of months, we have had two white deer appear on our property.

So mystically wonderful, no?

All images copyright ©Carol Leigh 2019.

Friday, July 12, 2019

A walk around Anacortes: back streets

After visiting Dakota Creek Shipyard (previous post) we walked around town, just looking. This weathered old piano sat on a street corner, silent, colorful. Couldn't resist checking it out. We passed it again an hour later, and there was a kid sitting there playing it -- and not badly at all for a young guy. Fun to see.

Wherever we go now, I tend to gravitate toward these "no dumping" warnings painted at water drainage grates along street curbs. Sometimes the little plaque on them will indicate the name of the town as well, which I consider a bonus. Alas, no mention of Anacortes on this one.

And then of course I was drawn to the wonky number "0" on a door. I kinda think it would be even cooler if all three numbers weren't there, just leaving the gluey remains and the attendant screw holes. I was content, however, with their apparent decision to not fix the wonkiness.

Perfection is highly overrated . . .

All photos copyright ©Carol Leigh 2019.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A walk around Anacortes: Dakota Creek Shipyard

We took a little walk around Anacortes last week, and checked out the Dakota Creek Shipyard, as we always do.

The beauty of this place is that you never know what you'll find there. This day we saw the huge tugboat Tan'erliq, which, according to Wikipedia, is "a ship escort, rescue and oil response oceangoing tugboat." She was built in 1999 by Dakota Creek Industries, and this day was in drydock, having a bit of work done.

From my location, down on the ground and shooting up through a chainlink fence, the boat looked enormous.

The guy in the guard shack, Lee, invited us in so I could take some unobstructed views, told us the history of the boat, stories about Homer, Alaska, and other vessels that have been in and out of the shipyard. Very kind, intelligent, and entertaining guy!

Photos taken with an iPhone.

All images copyright ©Carol Leigh 2019.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Around the yard . . . hosta leaves

The hostas are using all their energy right now for creating flowers, so the leaves are changing shape and form, drying out and curling up, giving their all to the showy flowers.

It's a fascinating process, and one I've not paid any attention to in the past. What a dope! These leaves are great.

The first picture was shot on a dry day. A few days later it had rained in the night, and the morning light and the raindrops combined to make what I think are extremely pretty images.

These three were taken with an iPhone, but I'm continuing with this "hosta project" also using a digital SLR.

Soon the novelty will probably fade, along with the leaves. But for now? This is fun stuff!

Images copyright ©Carol Leigh 2019.