Thursday, June 28, 2012

Agave greens

Thorns, light, shadow, all with an old fashioned monochromatic feel. I think these look good as a series, a grouping, rather than individual, stand-alone images. ©Carol Leigh

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This turned out nothing like I originally intended. There are so many layers underneath what you're seeing here, ranging from torn bits of paper, Japanese calligraphy, handpainted papers, etc. The fish is an altered version of a Czechoslovakian matchbox label (#12 out of 15,000 — don't ask). Anyway, I've been in an artistic quandary of late, trying all sorts of things, and I kind of like how this looks. Of course, it's past my bedtime, I can't focus real well, so it may look horrid in the cold, clear light of day tomorrow. If you don't see this post, you'll know that I came to my senses and removed it. (Now that was mildly funny.) ©Carol Leigh

Soft Florida greens

While moving photos around in the computer I came across these three, made in Florida a few years ago. I was struck by the soft green colors in all three. The first one is an agave imprint; when the leaves begin unfurling, the design of one is imprinted on the one below. The result in this case is the impression of three thorns.

The second two photos were created by panning the camera slightly as the wave hit the beach.

Serene colors, a serene morning. May you have a serene day. ©Carol Leigh

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twelve Moons

Photos of a wall, holes in metal, a tree, scratches on metal, Japanese calligraphy and more appear in this monochromatic piece. ©Carol Leigh, who is in a temporary artistic slump, but is working through it...

Saturday, June 23, 2012

An afternoon in Portland

Chris and I had a great time in Portland Thursday with Linda H., who took us to an area she KNEW I'd like — the more industrial part of the city. So great to be shooting with someone who, if I'm taking a photo of a crack on a wall, doesn't make fun of me! We walked under bridges, along railroad tracks, through parking lots, finding interesting signs, businesses, windows, shadows (it was an incredibly sunny day), and murals. Thank you, Linda, for everything. It was a terrific day. ©Carol Leigh

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Faces in unlikely places

Hot tub blues . . . ©Carol Leigh

Monday, June 18, 2012

Paper, Paint, and Postage

I used a variety of vintage papers, old stamps, painted papers, etc. to put together this image. ©Carol Leigh

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Objects in mirror...

...are weirder than they appear! Chris and I in England, reflected in a distorted "watch out for that car!" mirror. ©Carol Leigh

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colorful days

Despite a bit of rain and overcast skies, I've found good color the past couple of days. I like the complementary blue and orange colors of the fishnet floats and the way the yellow and turquoise colors of the nets emphasize their sensuous folds. (And when's the last time you saw the words "sensuous" and "fishing nets" used together?)

A pink opium poppy in the back yard mist this morning caught my eye, the way the petal acts as a little umbrella, keeping the pollen dry.

And then in Florence this afternoon we slammed on the brakes when we saw a bunch of antique cars in a restaurant parking lot. The fortuitous combination of a brilliant blue sky reflected in the chrome as well as the reflections from a nearby red car really punched up the orange colors on this old Chevy truck. (A car show's scheduled for this Sunday — woo hoo, more color potential!)

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera; the first one with a Canon 24-85mm lens, the poppy with a Canon 100mm macro lens, and the Chevy with a Canon 70-200mm L lens. I've got issues with the 24-85mm lens: it's not as sharp as I'd like and I'm hoping it's something as simple as an iffy polarizing filter. Testing is in order.

©Carol Leigh, wishing you equally colorful days this week

Astoria, Oregon (3 of 3)

Once again, it's Astoria, Oregon this coming September. Lots of architectural detail, boats, ships, texture, overviews, smaller vistas, abstracts, murals, and so much more.

For more information about this workshop, please visit my website here. ©Carol Leigh

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

Well, at least it is according to the fine folks at the National Peanut Board. I've gotta say that these were the WORST peanut butter cookies I've ever made. (Not the fault of the peanut people, however.) After I took the pictures I threw out the whole batch. So if you're ever tempted to try a peanut butter cookie recipe that calls for honey, wheat flour, maple syrup, and olive oil, do NOT give in to that temptation. Kinda glad they didn't work out — we just would have eaten them...

©Carol Leigh, NOT a pound heavier today due to baking experiments gone bad...

Astoria, Oregon (2 of 3)

More photos from Astoria, Oregon, where we'll be conducting a September workshop from the morning of the 16th to mid-day on the 19th. We'll be exploring a shipwreck, capturing abstract images in old bunkers, and seeing the lay of the land from the Astoria Column. Big overviews and little details — wonderful stuff for photographers!

More information at And more photos to come tomorrow.

©Carol Leigh, who finds something new in Astoria every time she visits

Monday, June 11, 2012

Astoria, Oregon (1 of 3)

Chris and I are conducting a photo workshop in Astoria, Oregon this coming September 16-19, 2012, and, whether you can join us or not, I thought you'd like to see some images I've taken there. Fair warning! There will be nine more photos tomorrow, and nine more the day after that!

What I love about the town is the variety of photo possibilities, from fishing boats, old pilings sticking out of the water, Victorian homes, architectural details, lots of murals, a beautiful bridge, boat traffic along the Columbia River, old World War II bunkers, and much more.

Registration is $560 per person; non-photographing spouses, friends, sidekicks, compadres, partners, are welcome to join you for an additional $50. Your registration fee includes instruction throughout, critiques and comments during the course of the workshop, and a group dinner. The itinerary and accommodation information will be sent to you upon registration.

To sign up online, click