Friday, September 27, 2019

How I began my day...

How I began my day . . .

Early this morning, before I got  out of bed, I picked up my iPhone and read the news headlines. Big mistake. Big.

But then something popped up. The opportunity to hear Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” on YouTube. So I did. All 17 minutes and 38 seconds of it.

In a world where narcissism, sarcasm, and destruction seem to be the norm, here was a soaring crescendo of vibrance, skill, complexity, and talent that lifted my spirits.

That’s how I chose to begin my day. With amazing music, with hope, with a certain amount of exuberance.

We choose what we allow into our lives, our minds. I chose Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.”

What did you choose today?

This photomontage, called "Flotsam," is copyrighted ©2015-2019 by Carol Leigh.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

"B" is for "Bellingham." "B" is for "Boats."

Last week we went up to Bellingham, Washington to see author Louise Penny at the Mt. Baker Theatre. (Great talk, highly recommended if you're a fan of her Inspector Gamache/Three Pines series of books.)

So the next morning we hit the fishing boats at Squalicum Harbor. All three of these are cellphone shots, with a panoramic photo at the top, and then my usual up-close, frame-filling boat "bits."

A fun evening at the theater and then a delightful photo walk among the boats the next morning. Feeling so lucky.

©2019 Carol Leigh

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Recent work: "V" is for Vivian . . .

This is a composite of the fishing vessel "Vivian," in Astoria, along with a number of other images also taken in Astoria -- one of my favorite photo locations.

I offer two versions -- a full-frame image and a square version -- so that buyers have a choice. Frankly, in this case, I prefer the top picture because the "3M" at the top isn't cropped, nor is the word "Astoria" at the bottom.

Either way, I'm fond of the complementary blue and orange colors, the overall grungy and weathered look, and the subtlety of ropes and masts in the background.

This has been a good year for selling boat "bits" for some reason, and this is a good addition to the mix.

Here's a link to the picture(s) at Fine Art America/Pixels:

Copyright ©2019 Carol Leigh.