Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coastal Waters

Okay, for CJ, the "commentary" is that I created a background using a couple of photographs. Then I chopped up a photo I'd taken of a rusty fishing boat hull and riveted those three cut-up pieces onto the background. What caught my eye was how the rust pattern, with its blue and gold colors as well as the large foreground "sea stack" formation, look similar to what we find here on the Oregon coast. Hence the "coastal waters" concept. Glad you like it! ©Carol Leigh

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  1. OK, I've tried to leave this comment twice already, and it never appears. So, this is my last try.

    I love this! I love the triptych approach...I'm assuming you "cut up:" your photo, it didn't come like this???? I also love the contrast of the smooth metal up front with the textured metal background. But, I miss your commentary. Tell us more!



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