Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Silver Face

Another sculpture photographed in a gallery window in San Miguel de Allende. I combined that photo with a couple of other photos of shadows on a wall. Strange, but compelling. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Strange? NO! Different than we see, compelling, and as usual, distinctly unique, just like you. Can you feel my envy?

    Is it the blue color creates such depth?

    It's a good thing I don't live near you. You'd never get rid of me watching you at work.

  2. Ha! Like I would even let you IN the DOOR! :-) But I love you . . .

    The depth comes from the fact that the sculpture was in a gallery window, so there was a bit of dimension from front to back, but mainly, yes, the depth comes from the photos of shadows which I toned to a sort of deep blue and how they mixed with the gallery background. You're in the March/April photomontage class, so I may talk about this technique then. There's just so much to show you!

    Carol Leigh


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