Sunday, May 16, 2010

160 Minutes on the Beach: Part II

My "routine" when shooting during a low tide is to walk out as far as I can while the light is still overcast. Such soft, diffused lighting is great for making the colors stand out. Once the sun comes out, I walk along the base of the bluffs, where the rocks are still in shadow or bright shade. Once the harsh sun hits everything, I'm out of there.

Every tide is different. Every tide reveals something new. And this particular minus tide revealed agates by the thousands, and by the time I left the beach, there were lots of people methodically walking self-imposed grid lines, leaving no stone unturned, finding agates all over the place.

Here you see how pebbles fill the low spots between rocks. In the second photo you see some agates that I found no more than one foot and 60 seconds from where I was standing. Yes, I gathered them up and placed them on these rocks, along with a little hermit crab, sequestered in his shell.

And finally you see one of the sea stars that's wedged himself between sea anemones covering a rock wall. It was a very good morning. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Love reading your beach stories. Low tide in Sept??? Trip to the aquarium if it rains???
    Thanks for sharing how you did the aquarium photos. Will keep for future reference. Jill is the aquarium queen in our group.

  2. Low tide in September? Yes! We'll be there. And the aquarium? Whether it rains or no, we will go. Am counting on Jill to teach us aquarium photography -- I'm not good at it. -- Carol Leigh

  3. Awesome story, images, adventures and hidden treasures of the ocean. We love the low tides (especially the minus low tides) as well. Your creative eye and ability to find art no matter where you are is amazing. The sea star amongst the sea anemones is brilliant. Makes me want to head to the coast.

  4. When you say, "makes me want to head to the coast" I'm thinking that yes, this is a WONDERFUL place to live, despite the rain and mist and wind and sand and isolation and continuous "coastal hair." --Carol Leigh


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