Wednesday, May 12, 2010

70 minutes at the crabpot staging area

Big decision this morning: walk on the beach or head elsewhere? I headed toward the beach, but ended up at the crabpot staging area. The lighting was so overcast, so wonderful, that I just needed some color. The height of the crabbing season is over (it's salmon now), so I knew there probably would be a lot of crabpots and colorful buoys stacked up, ready to be stripped and readied for the upcoming season. There was a row of these big containers, all filled with colorful buoys.

And the red ones! What photographer wouldn't salivate over these colors?

And then there were piles of ropes. Not overly colorful, but I liked the repeating patterns. To show you what I was seeing, there's an overview at the very end — not artistic, but just so you can see part of my environment.

This is going to be my personal project for my upcoming "Photo Essay" class, which begins July 1. The concept is for each student to create a visual "story" of an area, an event, a person, etc. in 10-15 photographs. For more information about this 30-day class, click And if I don't decide to photograph the crabbing scene, I may just decide to shoot at the local farmers' market instead. Uh-oh. That will probably involve photographing people. Very scary. ©Carol Leigh


  1. Gorgeous close-ups! Incredible! Wonderful light!! PEOPLE!!?? GAWWWWK!

  2. Yeah, people ... so tough for me. I envy those who have such an ease when it comes to photographing people. --Carol Leigh


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