Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wax On

Rusty metal, waxed paper, part of an antique Japanese book, smudges, splats, splotches, and more. As a painter might, I begin with a blank canvas and then wonder, "what if?" ©Carol Leigh


Jan Hagan said...


I like the way the colors change on each side of the diagonal line.

Linda Heinsohn said...

So beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Bruce and June approve heartily. You done good, gal.
sc and nc folks

Carol Leigh said...

Jan, Linda, Bruce and June: Thank you for your comments. It's weird that this montage is receiving comments because usually when I post one of my abstract images, NOBODY comments! I think my abstracts are my best work, but the response has been tepid at best. So imagine my surprise with this one.

I think that because most of the people visiting my blog are photographers, the abstract, more non-photographic images aren't as interesting to them. Photographers tend to want to know how I did something, or what I used for something, or what IS something. Non-photographers don't care. It's the image that counts, not the how-to/what-is-it aspect. Just a theory. --Carol Leigh