Monday, November 29, 2010

A few from Florida

Misty morning our first day on Sanibel Island -- just gorgeous. And then snowy egrets wade in the surf while pelicans roost in the trees, catching the morning sun. The trees were FULL of pelicans! Sometimes as many as 24 in one tree. Cabby, was thinking of you while seeing all this. More to follow -- Internet access has been spotty and my photo processing extremely rudimentary. Have experienced no-see-ums for the first time. Ha! Having a swell time. Wish you were here. --Carol Leigh


  1. Did you say it is WARM??? (Sent from the cold and wet N. CA coast...)

  2. It was hot/humid first part of week, now GLORIOUS, but alas, we leave tomorrow. Back to a cold and wet Oregon coast. --Carol Leigh


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