Friday, February 25, 2011

When there's nothing else to do ...

It's a pitiful group of photos ... am on the road where, in the first photo, you can see I'm bored in a hotel room playing with lights on the hills across the way. Then there's a shot of another Southwest Airlines plane shot through a scratched and hazy window on my own plane, and then a view of a railroad yard just outside Midway Airport in Chicago, taken through the plane window. Things can only get better, one hopes! ©Carol Leigh


  1. I dunno, Carol, you might have been bored, but all 3 photos are worth a look.

    I'm glad to see your post because you do have a history of having things happen to you - like tripping over red rocks or having vehicles smash into yours. I worry when you go quiet.

    You always delight me with your photos, art, and writing. Have a safe trip to wherever.

  2. You can turn boredom into better pictures than anyone else I know!

    Have a wonderful trip, wherever!

  3. Thanks Linda and Diane. Am currently stuck outside of Memphis awaiting vehicle repairs. Hope to begin heading home again around noon. --Carol Leigh


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