Friday, May 13, 2011


Boy, this one looks so muted after the riot of color in my previous posts. While cleaning up my studio, I came across this pressed four-leaf clover, so I set it on the appropriate page in a dictionary and used a macro lens to photograph the whole thing. A wide-open aperture limited the depth of field nicely. Texture and grunge added later. And how lucky was I to have found this four-leaf clover?! Better than finding a rabbit's foot ... now that would be creepy. Happy Friday the 13th! ©Carol Leigh


  1. And thanks for passing on the luck! I love it when you start to clean out your studio because you find such fun things to photograph ;-)

  2. Carol...You always amaze, thrill and sometimes bemuse me with your creativity. Some day you must show us a picture of your is. Love to see you and all your "inspirations" in a group shot.

  3. This IS our lucky day. I agree with Judy. Keep cleaning. JC

  4. Well, a craft room has been built onto the studio, thanks to Chris, so things are becoming more organized. The whole thing is now maybe 7 feet by 25 feet, with 10 of those 25 feet devoted to the photo studio. One room now blends right into the other. IT'S SO COOL!

    When I finish getting things organized, I'll take some photos to show you what's going on. No windows, small space, but it's warm, cozy, has doors, and everything is accessible, so when I paint or draw or create something, I can walk a few feet into the photo studio, grab a camera and tripod, and shoot what I just made.

    Best of all, I don't have to put anything away when company comes!

    Thanks to Chris, who is not only good at this sort of thing, but actually seems to enjoy doing it for me. I'm a lucky gal. --Carol Leigh

  5. Just catching up today, as I haven't been here for a while. You always inspire! Thank you!

  6. Luck is when preparation and opportunity intersect (come together)...

    Being prepared, you will recognize the opportunities that present themselves...

    Luck is before our eyes more often than we realize...

    Make luck happen...

    If you seek, you shall find... If you do not seek, you likely will not see what is awaiting to be discovered...

    Looks like you already know this... As always, awesome, amazing, magical and inspirational work Carol!!!


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