Saturday, May 7, 2011


This little coastal town is economizing by not including spaces in their signage. ©Carol Leigh


  1. C'mon -- you did that in PS.....??

    Probably not. I bet you hate what people like me contribute to the general skepticism of the reality of truly great finds.

  2. What is with the backwards letter N
    Sign maker have a problem with that letter?

  3. Diane, you skeptic, you! Alas, I don't have the Photoshop skills to fake something like this. 'Tis a sad, sad world when we begin mistrusting photos. I mean, they represent reality, right? Hey, when you coming up here? Gonna stop by?

    And Jan, yeah, I thought the backwards "N" was pretty funny, too, but couldn't think of anything clever to say about it! Obviously this was a bidded-out job and it went to the lowest bidder... Ya get what ya pay for!

    Thank you both for stopping by. --Carol Leigh

  4. You bet! Does July 16 or 17 work?

  5. Diane, I'm sure it will. I'll get back to you via private e-mail. --Carol Leigh


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