Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing in the surf

I can hear you now ... "Gasp! She NEVER takes pictures of PEOPLE!" Well, what can I say ... I've been moving pictures around, saving, deleting, and I came across this photo of a little boy running away from a wave that I took last November in Florida. What I particularly like is the feeling of movement, of motion, of PLAY. Perhaps in five years I'll have yet ANOTHER people photo! ©Carol Leigh


  1. Love the feel of motion and freedom in this photo plus the background is so "right". Do more. jc in nc

  2. "Perhaps" is the key word.
    You can do people pictures!

  3. Gasp! I love it! I arc of water off his foot makes it for me.

  4. Sandra, Sarah, and JC in NC, thank you for your comments. I wasn't sure, Sarah, about the arc of water off the child's foot, but yes, I think it adds to the movement in the picture. CL


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