Saturday, February 4, 2012

Artspeak . . . a rant-let

I visit a lot of artist blogs. I read a lot of artist statements. I fail to understand most of them. And is that their purpose? To befuddle the world into thinking that they and only they have a handle on true meaning?  That only they can artistically express these things, things that we mere mortals cannot begin to understand?

Here's what I read this morning, written by an artist whose work I often find delightful:

"My Urban Totems series has been inspired by two ends of the apex, Celtic myths and urbexing. The rise and fall of civilizations have always intrigued me, along with the myths and legends of the culture. Urbex is continuum of allegory within today’s world; the exploration of urban decay communicates the beauty of the abandoned ruins. Together, they reverberate of modern canon of urban myth mixed with conceptual archetypes."

And then I read that a general died of natural causes in Afghanistan. He headed up the "Thirteenth Expeditionary Sustainment Command."

Are our military folks secretly artists?


  1. Carol,
    We agree totally. We have wrestled with an artist statement update for ourselves. We want to engage our readers with our sense of the ubiquitous and sometimes idiomatic point of view in our vision. Our vision is very amorphous and highly subjective. Sometimes we feel that it be easier to simply state that we easily find art in old crap and somewhat sarcastically find crap in art.

  2. I'm with you... I'm sure 'artspeak' is designed to give some deep meaning to work that hasn't much...or why would you bother? Shouldn't a work of art speak for itself?


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