Monday, February 13, 2012

Journal du Jour

Just because I can . . . I've begun making small journals that feature one of my photos, collages, or photomontages on the cover. Each one's different, one of a kind, unique, dated and signed by me. They're soft and flexible, perfect for slipping into a pocket, your camera bag, a purse, etc.

Each journal is 5.5" high, 3.5" wide, has 64 pages (the last 16 of which are perforated and detachable). There's even a pocket in the back. (And no, the pen is not included!)

$9 plus $2 shipping = $11 total.
Online store to order:

As I make them I'll announce each one here. Gotta say, they look and feel pretty cool. Would love to put one in the mail to you today. This first one features a collage I made and posted a couple of weeks ago, called "Learning."

©Carol Leigh, who is loving putting these little things together

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