Friday, February 24, 2012

Three oldies from Tucson

As I'm weeding through photos, I'm finding images I'd forgotten I'd taken. As Stephan D. commented in yesterday's post, they're like little gifts popping up. I'd completely forgotten the "angel at the door" hanging  from the lock. I definitely had NOT forgotten the yellow hand mailbox on the blue door, however, an old friend now given a slightly different post-processing treatment. And then there's the Buddha statue, that I could, with new skills and a new eye, make look even richer, more burnished, and more quietly dramatic.

Looking at older images makes me want to go back to those same locations, give them another go. Kind of like life. With new skills, new eyes, don't we sometimes wish we could go back, knowing what we know now?

©Carol Leigh, looking for the CTL-Z, CTL-ALT-Z on a daily basis


Stephan said...

Great images... Had you not mentioned the story, we likely would not know they are from yesteryear(s)...

Revisiting images... Going down memory lane... and, revisiting locations... Just like visiting an ol' friend. As like food, our taste buds and comfort foods seem to remain... As like in art, I also believe that our style is developed and has a comfort zone to it... But, as like recipes, we fine tune the process and create our best to place on the table... and leave room to try something new.

As for photography and art, the never ending process, visions, adventures, new lens, equipment, film vs. digital, weather, time of year, etc., etc. ... Time does not stand still and things constantly change... But, it is nice to know that some of our processes remain consistent.

As in life and in anything we do, as we grow, we become wiser.

Thanks for reminding me to look back to old slides and film as well... The never-ending process.

Here's to all the roads and adventures ahead. Great posts Carol!

Jo Murray said...

They might be oldies, but they sure are goodies!

Carol Leigh said...

As are we, Jo, as are we! (Well, I really must speak for myself because you are, what? 16?) And Stephan, you wax poetic as always.