Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Torn Papers on Wall

This piece began with a photo of a wall in New Mexico. I added some photos of torn matchbox labels, Japanese calligraphy, and a photo of a little collage I'd made containing more torn papers and a postage stamp. I like the overall warmth and grungy feel, especially the touch of golden brown that came from a Chinese matchbox label.

I just uploaded this one to my art gallery, where it's available as a print, card, gallery wrap, etc. ©Carol Leigh, who is (finally) working hard to get her work seen on many levels.


Jan Hagan said...

I think your ave something with your journals. The would be great for travel journals. Where are you having them printed?

Carol Leigh said...

Yes, the journals are quite cool, aren't they? I have a "reject" one that I'm using myself and it's easy to carry around, and not so "precious" that you're afraid to write, doodle, scribble, etc. in it. They're also good to have in your camera bag or vest to take notes about where you're shooting, technical notes, etc.

I'm not having them printed. I make them myself. I print my image onto a special paper and then fuse it to a commercial Moleskine notebook. All the scraps I trim off the paper I keep and will use in making physical collages. Fun stuff!

Jo Murray said...

A gorgeous image... bravo!