Friday, March 2, 2012

Letters du jour

A grouping of "S" photos is my offering for today. The first is a photomontage of the "S" on the fishing vessel "Master Chris," which I combined with texture from a boat hull.

The second is an "S" photographed in Astoria, Oregon, on a textured wall.

The third "S" was recently sold to a textbook publishing company, where it will appear on the cover.

And the fourth "S?" Well, it's totally weird and I'm probably going to throw it out, but it's something I created in Photoshop. Why keep it? Because it took forever to do! It'll eventually hit the wastebasket, but I'm keeping it for now.

Happy weekend, everybody.

©Carol Leigh, back from a quick trip to northern California where she took some of the most boring photos of her life . . .

1 comment:

Stephan said...

"S" is a great letter... as are all the others! Creative work as always.

The word "boring" captured my attention... I cannot imagine you taking boring images... If nothing else, and even in dull weather, I am sure that you can use your images (or portions thereof), mix, blend and cook up some secret CL recipe and create something amazing!

As I have told my children, "Nothing in life is boring unless you allow it to be that way... We have the power and ability to change!"

Again, I cannot imagine you taking or creating a boring image. Have an awesome weekend Carol!

P.S. "S"ave your Photoshop creation!